Talk to Strangers Online Without Feeling Awkward

A number of studies have shown that, when we are around the strangers, our cortisol levels tend to increase and it is also the same when we talk to strangers online. Cortisol is a hormon, which we carry in our bodies, produces stress responses. This condition makes us less emphatetic. So, we can say that all of the people biologically find weird to be around and

But don’t forget that we are in 21st century. Now that we have Internet, every person on the online video chat websites is a stranger. We are not living in a small town, on the line of buying grocery or waiting for bus.

First of all, I want to indicate that whenever you feel uncomfortable or awkward, you can just scroll or click the “next” button, which most chat websites has, to talk to another stranger. However, if you are an introvert, and want to overcome your condition, Omegle talk to strangers online is the best way. Lucky for you, I have some tips and tricks. Scroll down and start to read 7 tips to talk to strangers without feeling awkward.

7 Tips for Talking To Strangers without Feeling Awkward

1-) First Impression

If you are video chatting with a stranger, first impression is the most important step. You should look confident to impress the other person.

Let’s say you are text chatting with a stranger, start a casual conversation. Don’t ask personal questions if you have just started to chat. Let the time do its job.

2-) The Approach

While video chatting, welcome the starnger with a genuine smile and open body language. Put yourseelf in their shoes, probably, you want to encounter with a person who has positive energy.

3-) Personal Space

You need to respect the person on the otherside of the screen. As you need to pay attention in real life, when talking to a stranger on the Internet, you should not violate their personal space. Also how about trying a different space? Give it a try for space actions!

4-) Read Their Reaction

Observe their gestures and body movements to understand whether they are comfortable about talking with you. If you follow the first three steps, the person you are talking with most likely feel comfortable.

5-) Start a Conversation

Compliment something you see on them, it could be their sweatshirt, hair, eyes, makeup etc. And there you have it! You have already started a conversation. So let’s take a look on the next step.

6-) Try To Find Common Interests

Take a look on the background, you will definitely gonna find something you like. A painting, sculpture, color of the room, a book, a poster of a movie you like etc. For example, let’s say you see a Harry Potter poster on the background, say “ OMG! I love Harry Potter, too! Did you know Voldemort originally has red eyes!”. Look at you! What a good opening for a conversation. It’s that easy to talk to a stranger.

7-) Ask for Their Social Accounts

If your conversation has been enjoyable and you want to continue talking, you can give each other your social media accounts and continue your friendship. But remember, never force or insist on the other person.
That’s it! Talking to a stranger from now on, won’t scare you.

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